EO Charging

Company Focus

Charlie Jardine is the Founder and CEO of EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturers. The company has grown from a small operation in 2015, based in a pig shed on Charlie’s grandfather’s farm, to a globally recognised company selling in over 30 countries around the world.

When Charlie first conceived EO, many people were sceptical about EVs – even his own father! However, Charlie’s belief and determination have landed the company contracts with the UK’s biggest logistics firms and well-known blue chips including EDF Energy, Uber, Addison Lee and Sainsbury’s. And, his father now drives a Tesla.
Charlie and the EO team have been involved in a ‘Low Emission Freight Trial’, an Innovate UK funded project in conjunction with Gnewt Cargo & the Mayor of London’s office. Currently, the trial estimates that CO2 emissions have been reduced by 67% (per parcel delivered), leading to 1.98t of CO2 saved per year. That’s the equivalent of planting 990 trees per year!

In 2019, Charlie and EO launched ‘Plug-In Suffolk’, the UK’s first ‘fully open’ fast-charging network, in partnership with Suffolk County Council and Bulb. The network makes charging easier for EV drivers who simply pay with a contactless credit or debit card - no apps, no RFIDs, no memberships required. Businesses that become part of the network are able to generate additional revenue by charging visitors per plug-in session.

Charlie is the youngest leader in the EV industry and is committed to driving the industry forward. EV chargers are just the start for EO, the company plans to move into producing an integrated renewable energy ecosystem that includes solar PV, battery storage and emerging technologies.

As part of Charlie’s commitment to the Global Climate Agenda, he pushed for EO to be involved with the Innovate UK bid to develop a vehicle-to-grid charger (allowing bi-directional flow of power to the grid, reducing strain during peak times). Vehicle-to-grid will play an integral part of EVs’ involvement in our changing energy ecosystem.   

Charlie sees EVs as the first piece of the puzzle in helping the UK reduce its dependency on the grid and move towards a sustainable and renewable future for energy usage, generation and storage. Charlie wants to become a leader of tomorrow, both in the automotive, renewable and energy sectors. His success to date with EO demonstrates the trajectory in which he has set for personal, business and leadership growth.

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