Green taxi guide launched for local authorities and taxi trade


A ‘Low Emission Taxi Guide’ has been published, which provides local authorities and the taxi trade with best practice guidance on the latest low emission technologies, infrastructure and policy options available to speed-up the adoption of ultra-clean taxi and private hire vehicles.

Jointly published by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and Energy Saving Trust (EST), the Low Emission Taxi Guide - available to download for free from - is aimed at both local authorities and the taxi and private hire vehicle drivers themselves.
The average age of a traditional black cab in the UK is now 12 years and the higher emissions these older vehicles produce is coming under ever greater scrutiny from authorities and licensing bodies. The same goes for private hire minicabs.


There are over 290,000 licenced taxi and private hire vehicles across England and Wales and 23,000 in Scotland, so encouraging the switch to new low emission alternatives within our city centres is an important part of plans to improve air quality and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
For local authorities wishing to reduce road transport emissions, the guide provides advice and guidance on implementing best practice policy measures, initiatives and incentives to accelerate the take up of clean and low carbon vehicles to help comply with legal air quality standards. It also includes details of the latest low emission vehicle technologies and fuels, plus valuable policy case studies and an overview of the national measures in place to reduce road transport emissions.
For taxi and private hire vehicle drivers who may be required to switch to low emission vehicles to operate in an area, this guide will help in the choice of the most appropriate vehicle technology (or retrofit option to convert an existing taxi) for their journey needs. It will also help operators to understand and how to comply with licensing policies and other local policy initiatives aimed at improving air quality.
To introduce the guide to local authorities and operator associations, the LowCVP will be running a Low Emission Taxi Guide webinar in November and face-to-face workshop in early 2019. To be involved, please register your interest at