The GreenFleet 100 Most Influential list is a mix of individuals that have helped the transport sector become greener. These range from fleet managers to vehicle manufacturers, policy makers and green campaigners.


Vince is business improvement and performance manager at the City of London Corporation. He has taken some bold steps to improve air quality, such as banning the adoption of any new diesel vehicles where an alternative powertrain can be used, and cracking down on drivers who leave their engines idling.


Katherine is responsible for the sustainability of the airport, of which vehicle emissions plays a significant role. With her colleague Andrew Chen, Heathrow has embarked on its updated Sustainability Strategy, Heathrow 2.0


Yorkshire Ambulance Trust was the first ambulance service in the country to begin a Carbon Management Programme. Alexis works with fleet, estates and procurement departments to reduce the service’s emissions.


Tim Porter leads the country’s biggest leasing firm and has succeeded in growing it further; in the first half of 2016, its risk fleet grew by 12,224 vehicles (3.9 per cent) to 329,865 units.


Zak joined the Scottish Government in 2004 and started working on low carbon vehicle policy in 2011, where he has helped develop strategies and deliver projects to help achieve Scotland’s vision to be free of damaging vehicle emissions by 2050.


Dundee City Council won GreenFleet’s Award for Medium to Large Public Sector Fleet of the Year in 2015. As well as a massive investment in electric vehicles, the council has implemented rev-limiting and stop‑start technology, driver training and vehicle downsizing to reduce CO2.


Milton Keynes is a great innovator when it comes to low-carbon transport. As head of transport innovation, Brian managed the delivery of MK’s Electric Bus Project and lead on the council’s Go Ultra Low cities programme.


Last year the brigade changed its diesel fleet of 66 ‘blue-lighted’ pool cars to 52 range extender electric BMW i3 and five plug in hybrid cars, making it the largest i3 fleet in the UK.


ClientEarth won its High Court case against the Government over its failure to tackle illegal air pollution across the UK. Air quality lawyer Alan Andrews is calling for a national network of clean air zones to be in place by 2018 in cities across the UK.


Fife Council is Scotland’s third largest Council, with a 1,496‑vehicle fleet, including 185 HGVs. It added its first electric vehicles in 2011.


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