Arrive’n’Drive around Rockingham

GreenFleet Arrive’n’Drive will be setting up at Rockingham Motor Speedway on 28 September to showcase the latest in zero and ultra-low emission vehicles and technology, encouraging fleets to “go ultra-low”

On 28 September, Rockingham Motor Speedway is set to host GreenFleet Arrive’n’Drive, showcasing the latest in ultra‑low emission vehicles and technology. 
The event is aimed to help organisations that are concerned with excessive fuel and running costs and to encourage fleets to “go ultra-low”.

Fleet managers and professionals, as well as those responsible for their organisation’s environmental and sustainability plans, will be able to test drive a range of vehicles designed to lower harmful emissions from a number of different manufacturers in a controlled environment. 

In addition to this, there will be experts available to speak to delegates about specific topics relating to ultra-low emission vehicles, including leasing, financing and remarketing, EV recharging, telematics and much more. The event will also include a selection of workshops, addressing “green fleet management issues”, such as “clean commercial vehicles and the fight to improve air quality”.

These are all free to attend on the day. ACFO are also set to hold their annual East and Midlands regional meeting in the morning, and will then be available to all delegates in the afternoon, when conducting a workshop.
This free event, which is based in Northamptonshire, will offer breakfast and brunch, as well as all-day refreshments. Interested in joining us? Register online at  


BMW/MINI will be showcasing its new iPerformance range which brings the latest in plug-in hybrid technology to more models. The BMW i3 will be available for visitors to try out, in addition to its plug-in hybrid 330e saloon, which is capable of driving for up to 25 miles when its battery is fully charged.

New to the fleet sector is the plug-in 530e, which is set to be one of the most popular vehicles there on the day, and it will be joined by the plug-in hybrid X5, the clean 4x4, with premium style.

Other manufacturers lined up to show off their latest models includes Toyota and Lexus, which will have a full selection of hybrid models from its RAV4 to its Prius, which has a fuel economy of up to 94.1 mpg. Also scheduled to be there is the hydrogen‑powered Mirai.
LDV’s EV80 will also be available for delegates to take for a spin, which is now available to order in the UK. It is ideal for city journeys and has a range of 130 miles on a single charge. The high spec includes an advanced pure electric power system and an EPB system. Unveiled at this year’s CV Show, we are delighted to offer the UK fleet sector’s first ever drive of the EG10, the all-electric people carrier, set to revolutionise the “clean movement of people”.
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which is continuing to lead the market of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, will be available on the day. It can travel up to 32.5 miles on electricity and recent Outlander PHEV developments include improved styling and interior refinement. And if it’s the commercial vehicle version that’s of interest, then the Outlander 4Work will also be available to test drive.

In addition, Ford will be bringing along its Ecosport, which has a 1.0 litre three‑cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine, designed to give the same power as a conventional 1.6. The Ecosport also has a shift indicator light to tell the driver when to change gear, to maximise fuel efficiency. And if it’s “muscle” you’re after, then look no further than the Ford Mustang EcoBoost, sure to be another star of the show.

Nissan, this year’s Beat The Sprig Vehicle Partner, will be providing three new Nissan Micras to be used for the Sprig eco-driving competition. In addition to the ever-popular Leaf which has an NEDC range of up to 124 miles (Leaf 24kWh) or 155 miles with the Leaf 30kWh, the Japanese marque will also have the e-NV200 electric van, and low-emission Qashqai there too.

GreenFleet are delighted to welcome Suzuki and their small city car – the Celerio – to the event for the very first time (GreenFleet issue 103). Recognising the issues that diesel engines produce, Suzuki have adopted a “Petrol Works” approach that is perfect for organisations that do not have the budget or recharging infrastructure for electric, but still have city and urban transport needs, and emissions targets to hit. It has advanced efficiency which means it boasts low CO2 emissions, which means low road tax, and has great fuel economy – up to around 78mpg –  with its compact 1.0 litre engine.


For those who want to know more about fleet management and associated software, Chevin Fleet Solutions will be setting up stand to discuss with fleet managers how to improve operational efficiency, cut and highlight costs and reduce administration burdens. 
Chevin will be able to discuss its software and mobile apps which aim to simplify fleet management from the complete financial and performance overview of vehicles and equipment to policy and supervision of drivers. 
Also offering its services on the day is Geotab, the Technology Partner for the Beat The Sprig element. The firm will be using its technology to measure driver performance. Geotab specialises in telematics and will be able to answer questions on how fleet managers can manage their drivers and vehicles better to become more efficient. 

Beat The Sprig 

GreenFleet is once again holding its eco‑driving competition – Beat The Sprig. The aim is for those taking part to beat the Sprig’s mpg on a seven-mile open-road route. Participants will drive a pre-mapped out route along with a driver training partner, who will monitor driving habits and make notes on how efficiency can be maximised. 

Each vehicle will be fitted with telematics technology, courtesy of Geotab, that can give instant readings such as harsh braking, excessive acceleration, braking and MPG. 
After this, participants will receive 10 minutes’ tuition from a professional driving instructor and will then be asked to go out again, on the same route, putting in use the new eco-driving skills.

Once the drivers return, a technician will reveal the readings, which will highlight their financial and emissions savings, and also determine who has made it onto the leaderboard.

Last year’s winner achieved 99mpg, which is a 27 per cent improvement on the manufacturer’s official combined MPG figure. 

To have a look at the latest ultra-low emission vehicles and for a chance to ‘Beat The Sprig’, register online for free. 

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