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Procuring greener vehicles? Come along to GreenFleet Scotland on 1 September to see the latest eco vehicles, products and services, and arm yourself with knowledge in the topical seminar theatreA fleet manager's role has become increasingly more complex. They are now under constant pressure to deal with a range of issues, such as reducing costs, increasing safety and minimising carbon emissions. In recognition of this, GreenFleet Scotland aims to help fleet managers by bringing together a range of planet-friendly vehicles, products and services – as well as industry experts in the seminar theatre – to help fleet managers make confident purchasing decisions and get advice on how to effectively manage a fleet.
Taking place at the Royal Highland Centre near Edinburgh on Thursday 1 September 2011, GreenFleet Scotland will prove to be a must attend event for fleet managers and those responsible for vehicle procurement.

The fuel-efficient driving experience will start the day’s proceedings and will involve teams navigating their way to a number of checkpoints in the Edinburgh area in order to test their eco-driving skills.
The Energy Saving Trust will first brief teams on how to drive fuel efficiently before teams take to the roads in the same model of car, provided by partner ING Car Lease.

O2 will supply the fuel consumption and emission data, as well as making sure that teams stick to the pre-set route. The data will then be measured and analysed by Millbrook Laboratories, one of Europe’s leading organisations for the testing, development and demonstration of vehicles, to determine which team drove the most fuel efficiently.
A range of topical seminars will take place throughout the day. Kicking off, John Curtis from Transport Scotland will give an overview of the Scottish Government's policies for low emission transport.
Ian Murdoch from the Energy Saving Trust will explain the interest free loans for companies wanting to adopt fuel saving devices and training, as well going over what it takes to be a fuel efficient driver.
Nigel Dutton from O2 will give a seminar on how technology can aid eco-driving and John Curtis will be welcomed back to discuss strategies for bringing electric vehicles into fleets.

The Energy Saving Trust is supporting GreenFleet Scotland to compliment the work it has been doing with a number of public and private sector bodies to help them understand how they can save money and reduce their impact on the environment.
With funding from the Scottish government, the Energy Saving Trust already manages carbon reducing initiatives such as green fleet reviews and travel planning.
The Energy Saving Trust encourages the adoption of travel alternatives, such as video conferencing or using public transport, but it also appreciates that there are times when travel by car or van is necessary. That is why the Energy Saving Trust is supportive of GreenFleet Scotland’s plans to bring together a selection of low carbon vehicles, so that fleet managers and other transport professionals can ‘touch, taste and feel’ the low carbon alternatives, and assess their suitability for purpose.

GreenFleet Scotland will host a comprehensive exhibition of the latest eco-friendly vehicles, technologies, products and services.
General Motors will be present, showcasing a range of Vauxhalls, including the hugely anticipated Ampera, a range extended electric vehicle, due out in 2012.            
The Ampera works as a standard electric vehicle in that it is always driven by an electric motor. It has a Lithium-ion battery which delivers up to 30 miles on a full charge. But once the battery has depleted, a petrol engine kicks-in, driving an onboard generator to supply electricity to sustain the battery. And in this mode, the car can go on for another 310 miles.
Also on display will be a range of BMWs, Volkswagens, Minis, Toyotas, Luxus and Smart cars provided by Eastern Holding.
SEAT will be offering test drive opportunities from a line up of its Ecomotive range of efficient and ecological vehicles.
Peugeot will be displaying its all-electric iOn which has a range of up to 80 miles and a maximum speed of 80 mph, while Citroën will be demonstrating its all-electric C-ZERO, as well as a selection of sub 100g/km CO2 emissions cars, such as the advanced new C3 and DS3 Airdream models. Further electric vehicles will be supplied by Allied Electric.
Elektromotive, the world’s leading provider of recharging stations for electric vehicles, will be demonstrating its Elektrobay charging station, which can be installed at the kerbside or in multi-storey car parks. Also on the exhibition floor, Charging Solutions will be presenting its battery charging solutions while APT Controls will show off its range of electric vehicle charging solutions. Axeon, Europe’s largest independent supplier of lithium-ion battery systems, will also be exhibiting
Schneider Electric will be in attendance to discuss its solutions to enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, such as ensuring that users and installations are safe, and making charging stations accessible and easy to use within existing infrastructure.
Looking at eco-friendly vehicles of a different type, Double A Trading will be showcasing a range of its groundscare equipement while Lift Safe will showcase its electric handling equipment. E-Power Trucks will be presenting a range of electric powered vehicles, such as utility vehicles, tugs and multi passenger vehicles and Green Machines will be demonstrating its electric road sweepers.
Scottish Motor Auctions will also be present on the day to talk about its auction centres that sell cars, light and heavy commercials and plant vehicles.
Ashwoods Automotive, the UK’s largest supplier of hybrid LCVs and retro-fit hybrid technology, will be exhibiting at GreenFleet Scotland, as will Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, consumer electronics and communication technologies. Michelin will also be present to show off its energy-saving, low rolling resistance tyres.
Lex Autolease are also exhibiting to give advice on fleet management and funding issues. And for a whole range of green services, Big Green Book – the UK’s premiere environmental and promotional business network – will be on hand to help you align your business operations with environmental management.
With all these resources under one roof, GreenFleet Scotland will be invaluable in promoting greener and more cost-effective fleets. Attendance if free of charge to those in the fleet and transport professions and will include free refreshments and buffet lunch, plus the chance to win one of many Garmin satnavs throughout the day.

The Royal Highland Centre is a multi-purpose venue located on the outskirts of Edinburgh and is one of the largest venues of its kind in the UK. It currently hosts over 200 events.
The Centre features a range of facilities, from exhibitions halls, banqueting and conference suites, small meeting rooms to large outdoor landscaped areas. Also described as Scottish National Showground, the venue is home to the renowned annual Royal Highland Show; a four day summer event attracting over 150,000 visitors.
More than one million people visit the venue each year, attending trade and public exhibitions, concerts, sports and corporate hospitality events, award ceremonies, banquets and weddings. It is situated 800 metres from Edinburgh International Airport, and sixty per cent of Scotland's population live within a one hour drive.

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