Four ways to successfully green your fleet

What is the best approach to greening your fleet? With continued pressure from the rising costs in fuel, government tax regimes, CSR and seeking to lower operating costs Mark McKenna identifies four ways you can successfully green your fleet.

Pinnacle Training Solutions

Pinnacle Training Solutions are one of the country’s leading driver training organisations. With a nationwide presence, we offer a full portfolio of training services, which are always tailored to meet the individual requirements of every organisation we deal with, irrespective of how small or large your business may be.

Going Green is the way forward for cost savings

With the rise in the price of fuel over recent years, many innovative solutions have been introduce by fleets looking to keep their running costs under control. However, one area of savings which, to date has been under exploited by many fleets, is regular wheel alignment.

Redtail Telematics

Telematics has come a long way in recent years and the advent of insurance telematics with its emphasis on driver behaviour has pushed the technology along.

Why you need experts on your side

With 65% of all company vehicles being involved in a road accident in the next 12 months it is important to recruit a fleet insurance broker you can rely on. Not only to provide advice, expertise and a swift claims process, but to act as an extension of your team.

Can your business afford to stay mobile without SmartWitness? 

Britain's most popular vehicle journey recorders, SmartWitness lets your company monitor all around its vehicles with just a single camera.

Digital Transformation to Cause Tipping-Point in Mobility

Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 conference on Intelligent Mobility gathered over 330 global senior executives to discuss shifts in mobility toward ‘Asset light, Technology heavy’ solutions

SvTech Ltd

SvTech Ltd, formed in 1993, offers technical support to truck manufacturers, converters, bodybuilders and end-users in the United Kingdom and Europe. We specialise in matters relating to Vehicle Type Approval, with particular emphasis on braking systems.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust again is sponsoring GreenFleet Scotland and an important aspect of the day is the Fuel efficient driving experience (FEDEx) which is one of the first events of the day.

M2M Telematics Applications: Leveraging Auto “Mobile” Data to Enhance Business Effectiveness

With about 7.5 million units in service worldwide out of a total available market close to 300 million commercial vehicles, the Telematics industry shows huge potential. Amongst numerous industries, fleet management and vehicle leasing companies are the ones that are driving significant business efficiencies due to different telematics’ applications.


Fleet management has become a profession that is more strategic, advanced and demanding than it has ever been before. Tight budgets, duty of care responsibilities, lowering emissions, and keeping up with evolving technology – and the data it creates – all form part of a fleet managers daily responsibilities.

GreenFleet Expert Panel - Leasing

Can it pay to think differently about the way we travel? Our expert panelists examine how the new concept of ‘mobility’ is impacting the fleet sector

Expert Panel

Following the launch of the Department of Transport’s consultation into making charge points more accessible, GreenFleet’s expert panelists give their views on the key factors that will shape the electric vehicle market’s development in the near future.

GreenFleet Expert Panel - Leasing

How can leasing and contract hire firms help with the wider role of fleet management? And what role does the industry play in driving down emissions? We ask our new expert panel for their views.

Expert Panel - Telematics

Our telematics expert panelists share their thoughts on how technology has helped drive down road emissions, how telematics grows the appeal of electric vehicles, and how autonomous vehicles could benefit fleets in the future.

Expert Panel - Electric Fleets

GreenFleet taps into the minds of its expert panel to assess the place of electric vehicles in company car fleets and what the major barriers to adoption will be moving forward.

GreenFleet Expert Panel - Connectivity

Technology is changing the way we travel. GreenFleet quizzes its telematics expert panel on how connectivity is facilitating new mobility trends, aiding fleet management, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Expert Panel: Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles continue to go from strength to strength with manufacturers seeing record sales thus far in 2016. GreenFleet and its panel of experts evaluate how well-equipped the UK’s charging infrastructure is to support greater uptake.

EV Expert Panel

Whilst still a small percentage of the overall vehicle market, the amount of electric vehicles in the UK is growing rapidly. GreenFleet and its panel of experts look at how the UK electric vehicle market and its incentive schemes compare to other European countries with an appetite for green motoring

Expert Panel - Telematics

How has telematics - and the wealth of data it creates - evolved to meet the changing needs of the profession? GreenFleet taps into the minds of its expert telematics panel.

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Four big opportunities to transform fleet management with advanced telematics.