DKV Euro Service, working towards a green future

DKV Euro Service is the market leader providing cash-free service en route to the transport business on the European motorways and traffic roads.

With the DKV CARD, our solution for fuel and many supplementary services, we offer you a wide spectrum of products for your daily business and optimisation and control of your fleet. We provide cost-effective fuelling, and help you in maintaining mobility and working more efficiently. With 60.000 brand-independent acceptance points in 42 European countries, DKV Euro Service offers you the largest supply network in the industry.

Who are we?
DKV Euro Service is part of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group which was founded over 80 years ago and headquarters in Ratingen, Germany and has around 780 employees throughout Europe.

Our goal is to be Europe’s best-in-class service provider for freight and passenger transport. To achieve this, we offer our customers innovative, sustainable products and services that are customised to not only meet their needs but to exceed them. We go further than offering a fuel card. DKV offers a full service package that includes toll, VAT and fuel excise duty refunds and value-added services such as the eREPORTING tool to optimize fleet management and the DKV APP to find fuel stations and vehicle services with DKV acceptance.


The DKV CARD is your ticket to the largest and most tightly-woven supply network in the transport sector. At 60.000 brand-independent acceptance points in 42 countries, DKV customers can use the DKV CARD for payment of all their vehicle-related services in Europe, while enjoying many advantages.

Business partners increasingly demand proof of how a company handles its CO₂ emissions. DKV customers can offset their CO₂ emissions by 100% with the DKV CARD CLIMATE, DKV Euro Service’s climate neutral fuelling card. This positive eco-balance provides a distinct competitive advantage and strengthens the brand of a company. In order to also display this commitment outwardly, DKV Euro Service and its partner myclimate are offering certification.

Value added services

DKV Euro Service is a full service provider and the DKV CARD is one of the many services we offer. DKV goes further to create full compliance for its customers. A few examples of the services DKV offers to ensures an efficient, cost effective and green environment explained:


DKV MAPS is a comprehensive online service to easily find the nearest DKV acceptance station. Its integrated
truck route planner (part of the DKV APP) also contains a toll calculator for Europe. Thanks to DKV MAPS, route planning and cost savings never were this easy. The driver can select the shortest route to the service station with the cheapest fuel price, saving on fuel and CO2 emissions.


Foreign companies operating in all EU-countries and Norway may have their foreign VAT on goods and services refunded. DKV Euro Service takes the handling of your VAT refund applications out of your hands entirely, even including VAT on invoices not originating from DKV. DKV offers two variants for obtaining refunds. With the standard refund for 28 European countries, the waiting time for refunds depends on the authorities. To expedite the refunding process, DKV also offers an immediate refund procedure. With the Net Invoicing Program, available for most European countries, DKV reduces the time for refunds to take place by settling the refunds on the same DKV invoice as the provided VAT service.


DKV COCKPIT is DKV Euro Service's free client account that enables you to re-order or block your fuel and service cards and preserve and process master data online at any time. It also enables you to order individual DKV products and services and lets you add new users and check and control their purchase restrictions. These self-administration tools significantly reduce your administrative overhead, because you can now access and customise recorded data at your convenience.

An eye on the future

As one of Europe’s leading service providers, DKV Euro Service is on the forefront of industry developments. One of the major industry developments now taking place is the introduction of a European Electronic Toll System (EETS). EETS will ensure interoperability of tolling services on the entire European Union road network. This enables road users to easily pay tolls throughout the whole EU with only one subscription contract, with one service provider and a single on-board unit.

One box and one invoice will highly benefit the corporate social responsibility strategy of the company. Only one box per vehicle instead of one per country and the elimination of thousands of receipts reinforce the importance of EETS.

With all of these products and services, DKV ensures compliance for its customers, as well as cost management, flexibility and continuity. The end goal is to always work towards operational excellence. You drive, we care.

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