ITM Power

ITM Power is a manufacturer and global leader of rapid response electrolyser systems, based in Sheffield UK. The electrolyser system works by using surplus energy from the grid, or a renewable energy source such as solar, wind, or tidal, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis. The hydrogen is then compressed for storage for refuelling hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and oxygen is the only by-product.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), operate in the same way as traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, with a 3minute refuelling time and a range of 300 – 500miles, and so offer society and business fleets with a no compromise clean emission transport solution for cars, vans, buses etc.

ITM Power currently have four refuelling stations around the UK. Each refuelling station is equipped with an easy to use self-payment system, with both 350 and 700 bar pressure dispensers available. Each station is open to commercial and private fleet users operating Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, on completion of the relevant training, and issue of an ITM Power fuel card.

ITM Power plan to open another two hydrogen stations in the UK in partnership with Shell, one at Gatwick and the other at Beaconsfield services. ITM Power are also planning to open another two refuelling stations in Birmingham, to refuel cars, vans, and buses.

Benefits of hydrogen as a fuel

Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel available. It can be produced on site, at the point of use at the filling station, without the need for a fuel delivery. The ITM Power electrolyser converts excess renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted, into a hydrogen a clean fuel, making a significant contribution to achieving a greener energy system. The rapid response capabilities of the ITM Power electrolyser, aids electricity grid operators for grid balancing purposes whilst reducing the dependence on CO2-emitting reserve power plants. For society it facilitates a much greater expansion of renewables in the power system without requiring them to be curtailed during excess energy periods, and provides a source of green gas for other industrial applications. Hydrogen enables the cross-sector decarbonisation of energy, heat and transport, substituting fossil fuel use for clean air emission applications. Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in rapid adoption in meeting greenhouse gas and air quality objectives.

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